Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!!

What a year it has been for the Malkowski family.   Funny how things can change in such a short time.  I still remember last Christmas with our usual rushing about and preparing for the holidays. 

Caroline and I were starting to feel the strain on the long wait to adopt our Sophie.   Would this chapter of our life happen or not??   Then we both went back to work and the boys back to school.  Who knew that in a few short days we would get the ‘call’ from TDH.   Which by the way was a bit anti-climatic, since I was sitting at my desk in an cubicle surrounded by co-workers.   Not the time or place to rip out a yell or roar or scream to welcome such news.   That call started the ride of ups and downs of getting ready for to bring Sophie home to us.

In the span of that year we traveled to Asia, meet a lot of nice people and traveled with a nice family from BC.    Plus had a major reno done on our house.  At least I feel changing all the windows is major reno.  Now that we are deep in the middle of a cold snap we do notice how so much better these new windows are.  

We still have some major changes happening.  Our boys are working towards their brown belts in jiu jitsu.  It is really cool to see how technical their ground game is getting!!  Although their martial arts strikes are just as good!!  As well, both boys will be learning to SnowBoard at our favorite hill in the ottawa valley.   Lucas is so exicted to snow board and has already picked out a couple boards that he would like to have as his own.   Sophie we be taking up swim lessons, as she just adores water.  

Caroline will be ending your leave soon and returning to work.  This will bring on the joyful chaos that every parent of a family of 3 encounters with drop off and pick up and after school activities.  





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